At emotive we understand the effect that cars have on the world around us, so we are taking steps to ensure that we minimise the impact and offset carbon emissions as much as possible.

Over the course of its lifetime a tree offsets approximately 1 tonne of CO2. As part of our Green Legacy we commit to plant two trees for every car we source. This equates to two years’ worth of driving based on an average mileage of 10,000 km pa.

We display this symbol on the image/description of all cars we source. It denotes the number of trees that need to be planted to offset the CO2 emissions of a specific car for every year it is on the road based on a mileage of 10,000 pa.

Going Green

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We aim to specialise in sourcing green and low emission vehicles and to be carbon positive wherever possible by reducing our use of paper.

Green Legacy

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We strongly believe in doing more to give back to our environment, so we’re supporting the increase of woodland and forest areas within the UK to combat climate change by partnering with Time4Trees.

Here in the UK we have one of the lowest coverage of forest throughout Europe equating to around 13% of the total land area. emotive positively impacts the environment by planting trees to offset the CO2 emissions of cars that it sources.

Together with our partner, Time4Trees, we plant two trees for every car we source. This year we have planted in excess of 100 trees.

Time4Trees is a company established by land restoration specialists Land Logical Ltd. Land Logical’ s specialism lies in spotting opportunities to add-value to land requiring remediation and applying holistic goals to improve the environmental and social wellbeing of the local area. Typically, but not always, Land Logical focus on the remediation of former land fill sites: places that without remediation would damage the environment over time. With the services of Land Logical, these sites are transformed to meet the environmental and local community needs, while increasing sustainably, enhancing biodiversity, and helping to combat the climate crisis.

Time4Trees, a family business with young founders striving to plant for future environmental stability for generations to come, aims to give everyone the chance to make a difference whether it be large or small, by using local trees to help solve a global, ongoing problem. The company creates new forests and environmental biodiversity in areas where this would otherwise not exist. By planting UK based native trees in the South-East of England where the carbon emissions are significantly high, reaching some of the worst levels in the country, Time4Trees is planting in the most crucial locations. The founders of Time4Trees reflected that “20 years ago would have been the best time to plant trees, but the second-best time is now.” The children of George Dilloway (Maia, Jed and Jago) watched their fathers’ business, Land Logical, grow as a company that was making a positive and sustainable environmental impact, but decided that there was a possibility to take these efforts a step further. Maia (age 21), Jed (age 19) and Jago Dilloway (age 16) decided that the natural progression from Land Logical projects would use the remediated land in a sustainable and responsible way by planting for the future. They started to educate themselves on the impact of pollution, climate change and human beings on earth, and decided there needed to be more action and awareness as the Earth is something that we all have in common, and therefore something that we should all work to protect and preserve. This resulted in the formation of Time4Trees.